Filtration technologies

Mechanical filtration


Mechanical water filtration is the first stage of water purification. Removes solid particles from water that are often visible to the naked eye. Mechanical filtration also protects water pipes, faucets, pumps and other household appliances from damage.

The filter medium is usually a polypropylene (PP) cartridge, which traps sand, dirt, sediment, sludge, slime or rust during the flow of water, essentially all solid particles that are larger than the size of holes in the filter cartridge.


Mechanical filters are marked with numerical data, so-called permeability (expressed in micrometers), which indicates the minimum size of the impurity that the filter traps. The lower the number, the higher the filtering capacity of the filter. However, finer filters reduce the water flow more and may become clogged.


For the Quell filter units, you can choose a PP sediment filter 5µm as an option for the first stage of multi-stage filtration. We recommend using it when filtering other than municipal water (eg. well water), if a higher mechanical pollution is expected.