Clean, compact design and small dimensions of the Quell under sink filter unit ensure a convenient filtration solution with minimal space requirements. It also includes a chrome faucet that fits well into any kitchen. Place the filter part under the sink, out of sight. The package contains all the necessary components for installing the device including a three-way valve.

Quell two-stage filter devices with Disruptor™ technology remove much more dirt than other filters. Water from the Quell filter unit tastes better because it is better. Much better.


Two-stage filtration

This filter unit is equipped with a combination of two filters: carbon block (CarbonBlock) and Disruptor ™, which achieves practically perfect water filtration. Quell filter units remove all unwanted contaminants from water such as bacteria, parasites, viruses, microorganisms, heavy metals, chlorine, drug residues, microplastics and many more. Filtration removes odors and improves the taste of water.

However, they do not remove minerals, which are an important part of drinking water. The water filtration process does not require high pressure, electricity or chemicals, it does not add anything to the water.



Disruptor™ filtration technology is one of the most efficient technologies available on the market today. Thanks to the principle of electroadsorption, it not only retains but also disposes of organic contaminants. Until recently, the disruptor was used exclusively by NASA.

More information about Disruptor™ can be found here.

More information about CarbonBlock can be found here.

Recommended retail price: 219 €

Parametres of the Quell Under Sink filter unit

  • Two-stage filtration (CarbonBlock + Disruptor™)
  • Removes more dirt than any other filter without the need for electricity
  • Disinfection with anti-microbial silver
  • The package includes a chrome faucet
  • Mounting accessories in the package
  • Fast and lossless filtration
  • Easy and fast replacement of filter cartridges
  • Flow rate 2.5 l/min
  • Filter cartridge capacity: 3,000 l (water quality can affect capacity)
  • Service life of filter cartridges: 6 months
  • Optimal water pressure: 100-400 kPa
  • The system can only filter water in the range of 4-38oC, so install it only on the cold water supply.
  • Possibility of combination of filter cartridges PP sediment, CarbonBlock, Disruptor™.
  • 100% recyclable (without filters)



Do you need a water filter at all?

If you’ve ever thought about the quality of water that comes out of your faucet, you can be sure that it has been thoroughly tested before it reaches you and is definitely safe. But is it good enough to drink?

Safe drinking water requires ingredients that you can often smell or taste, such as chlorine or a disinfectant. It is added to the water to kill microorganisms and protect against recontamination as water passes through the distribution system. Aluminum-containing chemicals are used in a process called flocculation, in which suspended particles are removed from water to increase the transparency of water. The passage of drinking water through the distribution system also releases small particles into it, while the oldest distributions may contain lead.



Filtering tap water just before consuming it is the best way to remove all these unwanted ingredients and at the same time significantly improve its taste. Compared to buying bottled water, it is also a cheaper solution and without creating unnecessary environmental burdens.