Butelka filtrująca Quell NOMAD – test 1 i 2



At the end of September 2019 we did the first test to find out what a small filter in a filter bottle can do in practice. We chose the Ružín water reservoir near Košice as a source of water. The water in it was contaminated with cyanobacteria at that time, which in contact with the skin leave an allergic reaction in many people and can cause e.g. conjunctivitis.


Taking a water sample


Quell NOMAD bottle filtration


Visual comparison of unfiltered and filtered water


The University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice kindly helped us with the analysis of both water samples. The microbiological contamination was completely removed by filtration and the water met all drinking water requirements.


Water analyzes before filtration 9/23/2019


Water analyzes after filtration 9/23/2019

The bottle with the original filter was used repeatedly for the next two months, while we filtered similarly contaminated water. Here it is important to mention that the filter was already noticeably clogged after about the thirtieth cycle and after the fortieth filtration it was necessary to exert considerable force to push the water through the filter. Although the filtration results were still good, replace the partially clogged filter immediately during normal use and do not use it! Increased pressure can cause mechanical damage and thus the release of trapped dirt.


Water analyzes before filtration 11/13/2019


Water analyzes after filtration 11/13/2019