NOMAD filter bottle

NOMAD filter bottle


Are you a tourist? Do you cycle? Are you camping? Do you go abroad?

Wherever you are, you will appreciate access to clean and safe water everywhere. Especially in places where a proven source of drinking water is not available. The Quell NOMAD filter bottle with its unique Disruptor ™ filtration technology will provide you with the cleanest possible water by removing more than 99.9% of all contaminants. In addition, it removes odors and aftertaste in water. Unlike traditional water filters, Disruptor uses not only activated carbon but also silver and especially the principle of electroadsorption. The water you drink will be much safer and will also taste better.

The bottle is compact and light, so you can always have it at hand in the car, during sports, on trips, at home, at school… Quell NOMAD filters directly while drinking, you don’t have to wait for anything. In addition to the fact that you will drink clean water, you will also help the environment by not creating unnecessary waste in the form of plastic bottles from bottled water.


Recommended retail price: 29,90 €

Parametres of the Quell NOMAD filter bottle

  • Bottle volume 700ml
  • Made of BPA-free food material (BPA free)
  • Filters water with a temperature up to 38oC
  • Dishwasher safe (except filter cartridge)
  • Compact, light and ergonomically shaped
  • Drinking mouthpiece with spill protection
  • The filter cartridge is replaceable
  • Bottle size 23 x 7.5 cm – fits most bicycle bottle holders
  • 100% recyclable (except filter cartridge)
  • Filter cartridge capacity: 300 cartridges / 2 months (depends on purity of the inlet water)
  • The protective cap of the bottle also serves as a cup



Disruptor™ filtration technology

The basis of the Quell NOMAD filter bottle is the Disruptor™ filter cartridge, which is one of the most efficient on the market today. It does not require high pressure, electricity or chemicals for the water purification process, it does not add anything to water. Thanks to the principle of electroadsorption, it not only retains but also disposes of organic contaminants. Until recently, Disruptor ™ was used exclusively by NASA.

More information about Disruptor™ can be found here.


What does the filter remove from water?

The unique Disruptor™ technology removes more impurities from the filtered water than any other filtration technology without the need for electricity.

  • bacteria
  • E.coli
  • viruses
  • parasites and cysts
  • sediments
  • endotoxins
  • trace elements after drugs
  • chlorine
  • some heavy metals (lead, copper, iron)

Filtration does not remove minerals that are a natural and necessary part of drinking water.


Possibilities of use

Municipal water also has different quality and taste in different places, the content of chlorine, metals or the presence of microorganisms. So, if you have a more sensitive stomach or simply want to drink really clean and tasty water, the Quell NOMAD filter bottle will serve you not only at home but also at work, in the car, at school, in the gym, etc.

Be sure to take it with you on trips, bicycles, camping and trips abroad. You can never know if there is clean water or a shop where you can buy bottled water. Moreover, if you’re traveling with small equipment only, you won’t need many water bottles in your backpack. By the way, do you know how much money you will save if you don’t have to buy bottled water unnecessarily?



The ecological aspect is certainly not negligible for many, as the Quell NOMAD filter bottle is reusable and you will avoid unnecessary purchases of disposable plastic bottles (1 filter = up to 150 plastic bottles…). At the same time, the bottle is fully recyclable (except for the filter cartridge).